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Testimonials and Statements of Interest

"I am delighted to write in support of Aleasha Chaunte's application to the Developing Your Creative Practice fund. She has recently been selected as one of Metal's Time and Space resident artists: a competitive programme which attracts applications from all over the UK. 


The residency has involved us supporting Aleasha to establish a new project, Protagonist, which looks at human rights and how film, or storytelling, has the potential to humanise people. Working closely with groups in our direct neighbourhood she has established a new film club, called the Humanise Film Club, which has attracted members from the local asylum seeker and refugee community. Her socially engaged approach to performance has been an inspiration to us, and her skills as a producer have been impressive and comprehensive. She is at a critical stage in her career where this grant could help her reach new audiences and new skill levels that she would otherwise not have access to.


We will continue to support Aleasha’s practice beyond the Time and Space residency as we find her approach and principles closely align with Metal’s mission and aims. "

Jenny Porter

Senior Project Manager

"Having known you for a long time and observed the different ways you have supported, researched and manifested the work you do it gave me an appetite to want to get into a space and do some work with you. I feel you have a real sensibility around improvisation and performance.


Your voice is extraordinary. In the array of different songs you have sung, I hear that you have a great deal of plasticity in the style, performance intention and genres you work with."

Jo Blowers

Liverpool Improvisation Collective and mentor/collaborator in this project's research phase

‘I have worked with Aleasha Chaunte on a number of occasions over the last two years.  I have found her to have an intelligent and considered approach to project management and to be an articulate, reliable and consistent deliverer of quality activities.  I am in no doubt whatsoever that the proposed project will engage, energise and be of great value to  those involved and that it will be delivered very successfully by Aleasha and her project partners.’

Sean Durney

Arts Development Officer at Liverpool City Council

Culture Liverpool

We're really happy to have it as part of the LightNight festival programme, particularly framed within the context of the Lady Chapel and the taizé chanting.


I feel that given the complexity of the experience of loss and healing, hand washing is a beautifully simple act to stimulate reflection on those concepts and anchor it in a real physical experience. It also feels like quite an accessible piece that I expect will engage the minds not just of those participating but also watching. I think it will resonate with the very broad LightNight audience - people of many different age groups and backgrounds.


Christina Grogan

Open Culture Director & Light Night Producer speaking about my research event during Light Night 2016

The quality of Aleasha’s research into particular areas of anthropological and cultural performance practice and her own field work in the rehearsal room seeking to gain an understanding of and re-balance her own encultured psychological/emotional and muscular processes was exemplary. 


In addition she revealed both sensitivity and rigor producing some remarkable insights and manifestations her through her MA practice.

Gabriel Gawin

Song of the Goat Co-Founder

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre’s Liverpool group has been thrilled to participate in the research of the Handless Project. Aleasha has been so generous with her time and approach with the group, going above and beyond to ensure they feel included in the project and different aspects. One beneficiary wrote a blog entry on the workshop she delivered for the group: https://risendance.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/hand-to-mouth/ siting the workshop as "It really was a sublime experience."

There is a synergy with Fallen Angels practice which leads to a natural collaboration with themes such as overcoming and adversity coming through. 

Claire Morris

Charity Manager

Fallen Angels Dance Theatre

I have only known Aleasha for a short time, but her impact on me was massive from both a personal level and professional, I first meet her during a session she delivered as part of the Liverpool Arab Arts Festival around immigrants and their stories. She was a great facilitator in drawing individuals to share their stories without feeling threatened. With this in mind I invited Aleasha to facilitate a session with some of the women I work with within the BME communities. I was a bit hesitant about how it would go as we haven’t done this before, but the outcome was very positive and I am hoping to develop this further and one way is by getting involved in the Handless Project.


Savera UK is a charity tackling domestic abuse and harmful practices, Savera UK want to provide the women with a range of ways to express themselves and build confidence and self-esteem and the Handless Project would offer a great opportunity for those women who are isolated from their family community and society, because of being a victim of domestic abuse, Honour based Violence, Forced Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation. Savera UK fully support this fantastic project.

Afrah Qassim

Director Savera UK

Aleasha Chaunte is the kind of artist with integrity that we all need to support. She deeply believes in what she does, only supporting projects she’s passionate about and works tirelessly to ensure her project has the depth it needs.

Montserrat Gili

Creative Director

Hope St Ltd.

I first discovered Aleasha’s work quite by accident last Light Night, in a performance at the Lady Chapel in Liverpool.  I was struck by the work’s quiet beauty, and its clear resonance with audience.  Through subsequent discussions with Aleasha about The Handless Maiden  we discovered a range of synergies with Unity’s current programme.  Initially that led to Aleasha being one of the three artists invited to provide a Call and Response to our major Autumn project Nina – a story about me and Nina Simone, and in May we plan to play a key role  in realising the next stage of The Handless Maiden for Light Night 2017.
Part inspired by the work of Adrian Henri (as part of the Mersey poets celebration) are loose theme for Light Night 2017 is Happenings.  Aleasha’s City Wide Ritual Walk fits strongly with that in so many ways – rituals were a key part of Henri’s work, as was a focus on looking at the city differently, and the way Aleasha’s walk draws on a range of art forms is very much in the spirit of happenings.
Unity will support the project in a range of ways including
-          Providing assistance with promotion of the event through the Unity website

-          Distributing tickets for  the chapters within the walk

-          Supporting the creative process, in particular the development of our online storytelling, recording and documentation

-          Hosting at least one chapter as part of our Light Night programme- to be located in Unity 2 as part of a sleep/rest ritual installation

I whole heartedly recommend both Aleasha and this work to you.

Matthew Linley

Artistic Director

Unity Theatre

The Handless Project is an emotive piece that really pulled on my heart string, I have never felt so emotional about an art work, that not only captures art but touches on so many of your senses. Opens up your heart to be open of others but also open to yourself

Ngunan Adamu

Producer/Presenter Upfront Show

BBC Radio Merseyside

Seeing this project develop right from the early stages has for me been a great source of inspiration and comfort. Aleasha's dedication is impressive and she succeeds in maintaining a sense of purpose while remaining open to letting the process unfold and embrace the stories of others.

By sharing her exploration of the story of Handless Maiden she has not only rekindled in me an interest in fairy-tales, that place of childhood imagination and ancient wisdom, but she has taken us all on a journey. This is not a project about healing, it is healing.

Annabel Little

Owner 17 Love Lane

Project Collaborator

Humanise Community Film Club and Protagonist

Short film made during research

Trailer collaboration with NonConform

With soundscape by Aleasha Chaunté from sounds gathered during project research. Vocal performance by Aleasha and other members of the cast.

Research Participant Feedback

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Story Map and Audio from The Handless Project

Laura Yates Hayfield Street Story - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00

20 minute soundscape including sound from interviews and events collected during the project including a rally with 30,000 people on the steps of St Georges Hall to acknowledge the verdict of unlawful killing in the Hillsborough enquiry. Played to 1000 of people during a ritual at Liverpool Cathedral, Light Night 2017 on the eve of our 36 hour walking ritual.

Cathedral Soundscape - Unknown Artist
00:00 / 00:00
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