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Aleasha was born in Birmingham England in the late 70s. At aged four she was paralysed by a virus and hospitalised for 18 months. Her mother consoled her by buying a fortnightly story book and tape series which thrilled, terrified and obsessed her around the clock. Those stories (many of which she can still tell you almost word for word) were the beginning of a passion that led her into the world of creative practice.


After studying theatre at Goldsmiths College in 97 she went on to form several fringe theatre groups, to travel and live in several countries and to study acting with Teatr Piesn Kozla. 


With her voice she is interested in the potential of the human voice as an expressive entity indivisible from the inner experience of the vocalist. 


With a camera in her hand she is interested in the textures of light and land and her obsession with photographing directly into the sun (not advised without a filtered lens).


As a theatre maker she is interested in communicating in non-rational ways and in the power of old stories to teach and transform.


She now lives in Liverpool with her husband. She believes in social justice and works to include equality issues in her work wherever possible including campaigning for the rights of asylum seeker and refugees.  If you are interested you can support a grass roots support organisation Asylum Link here: www.asylumlink.org.uk/


Aleasha Chaunté

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